Placing Your Bank-Owned Bids

To start the bidding process, get prepared every step of the way. Save all your houses, get custom notifications and receive notifications of the latest home auctions. Join thousands of people on our platform looking for your dream home.

Browse Properties

Look through our large collections of bank-owned properties and start bidding. We have compiled a simple step by step guide to help you with bidding on this site. You can start by:

• Registering for auction- Register for a bid in just a few simple steps. This applies to both buyers and sellers on the platform.

• Auction Starts – Choose from the many properties for auction and place your bids on the property you desire. Keep checking the platform regularly especially before the end of the bid, to see if the bid amount goes higher than your bid.

• Win the Auction- If you are lucky to be the highest bidder, you will be able to sign the purchase agreement, make payments and the show evidence of payment.

• Show Documents- The winner of the bid will need to show evidence of payment before he can lay claim to the property.

• Get your winnings: After making payments, you can now be a landlord or homeowner. The property now belongs to you.

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