George Michael's Art Collection Goes On Sale In An Online Auction

There are more than 170 artworks that can be found amongst the private collection of George Michael and they are all going out on sale at an online auction from Friday. The reason for the auction is so that money can be raised for philanthropic causes that the late singer and songwriter had supported during his lifetime.

Part of the collections will include the work of one of the top members of the Young British Art Movement like Tracey Eminem, Damien Hurst, Michael Craig-Martin and Sarah Lucas. Most of these people were a close acquaintance to George Michael.

Also, other items that will be offered for the auction that will be on till March 15 along with an evening auction on March 14 will be organized by Christie’s auction house. Some of the other items will be the notable works of Horst and Neons as well as some embroidery by Emin.

According to Paola Saracino Fendi, the associate director and specialist of modern art at Christie’s auction, George Michael’s name will reach fans from all around the world and inspire new talent. Paola went further to explain that George Michael’s collection gives a clear picture of what revolutionary spirit is in a dynamic group of artists and how it affects their dedication to the art.

Most of the items in the collection will be displayed for the public by next week. Michael was very popular from the 1980s. George Michael died in 2016 and had a successful solo career. He sold over 100 million albums around the world during his lifetime. The art collections are said to be being offered at the auction from 400 pounds to over 1.5 million pounds.